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The Durham-Orange Community Tennis Association (DOCTA) manages the USTA Junior Team Tennis League for the Eno Area. LeeAnn Rose is the DOCTA-JTT League Coordinator. Her contact information is for questions.


Our Junior Team Tennis goals are to:

  1. Encourage active and fun play in tennis for youth ages 8-18

  2. Increase youth league participation and USTA membership in the Eno Area

  3. Increase parent engagement and volunteer participation

  4. Increase youth league captain participation and

  5. Provide a monetary incentive for captains of youth league teams to encourage ongoing volunteer participation with youth league programming.



Each captain of a DOCTA-JTT Team will receive an opportunity for several incentives totaling up to $250 for the Spring and Fall Leagues. A captain must complete the season without defaults to receive this award.

  1. Captain’s Incentive: One-time $100.00 monetary incentive in appreciation for participation as a Spring or Fall League Captain.

  1. Team Incentive: Captains of more than 1 team, will receive an extra $10 for each team. Incentive is limited to maximum 5 total teams ($50).

  2. Player Incentive: Captains of teams with 5 or more new first-time USTA youth memberships will receive $20 for each team. Incentive is limited to maximum 5 total teams ($100).

  3. Maximum incentive is $250.


An example of this award – 1 captain with 3 teams and 2 teams have 5 or more new first-time players. Incentive amount is $100 for being a DOCTA-JTT Captain, $30 ($10 for each team that you are serving as captain); and $40 ($20 each for 2 teams with 5 or more new players). Total Captain Incentive: $170 to be award by the Spring or Fall deadline.


Each captain must submit the attached verification form to the JTT league Coordinator to document number of teams and new first-time players to receive your DOCTA JTT Incentive. The JTT Coordinator will send out reminders of this incentive.


Deadline to apply for incentives: Spring: June 12 (Check issued by June 20); Fall: November 14 (Check issued by November 20). Contact: Anna at for questions.


Click here to review and complete the Captain's Incentive Verification Form. 

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